CLASP’s new home!!

A message from Dave Hayward, Chair of the CLASP Trustees

I am pleased to announce that at last CLASP has its own home, or at
least will do, as from the 1st April 2019. The building is situated at
New Creation Farm, Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford NN7 3LB consists of a
single building of solid wooden construction, 4.45 x 11.8m (52.51 sq m).
In addition there is an area at the rear where we will be able to stand
our shipping container, currently at Whitehall Farm.

The intention is that we have the Charity registered at the building,
the building itself has sufficient size to hold our archive together
with space for an office/ classroom/ IT area. The container can be used
as a tool store and a future archive expansion area.

We now turn to the question of money! The annual rental is £2000, we
have to raise it from additional income which will look to you all for
support in raising. We will be looking at donations both individual and
from organisations, running external training classes, a 100 Club (more
in separate email), Amazon Smile (again more in a few days), possibly a
Friends of CLASP – will _you_ volunteer to help?

The move and setting up of the home will be labour intensive, again we
will be looking for help!

An exciting time for CLASP – please get behind us.

Additional Volunteers

We need to expand our team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles and maintain the charity’s development whether you are able to give a few hours a week or more:
Volunteer help needed for:
  • Field work (field walking, excavation, geophysics etc.
  • Post excavation (processing and recording finds and archiving)
  • Computer and digital work
  • Fund raising
  • Publicity
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