Upcoming excavations and field work

From the Organising Committee minutes of Feb 4th 2019:

CLASP is intending to have three major excavations in 2019 subject to agreeing the scope and dates with the respective farmers.

  1. Romano-British site at Crick: This to be early July and to be the opportunity to attract new members, with training arranged and the dig continuing over a weekend.
    THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED – see the post July dig cancelled for alternative plans
  2. Roman site at Manshead: Test pitting proposed. Dates to be confirmed.
  3. Anglo Saxon cemetery: Dates to be confirmed.

A number of possible other smaller projects (at Barby, Everdon, Towcester, Woughton on the Green) would be considered once proposals were received. A proposal for a possible geophysics project at Guilsborough would also be fleshed out.

Further details will be published as andwhen possible.

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