Latest -ish 100 Club winners notification

I am falling behind! November’s winner was Salma Pervez and the winner for December is Julia Johns. Congratulations to both of you.

Latest 100 Club winners notification

October’s lucky winner is Marcus Lewis. Many congratulations!

Chairman’s Update Oct 2021.

The 2021 AGM was held on 20th October with 24 members attending and about the same number sending in apologies. My thanks for everyone that provided help. The draft minutes of the meeting are now on the Website in the member’s area.

I took attendees through the accounts, explaining that income and expenditure can be grouped into three categories – 1). Donations from members and regular expenses such as Insurance and website costs; 2) the net cost of digs and 3) the cost of rent and other expenditure for the Field Centre less the contribution from the 100 Club and any fund raising. The financial position was strong in 2020-21 because of two exceptional items.

Members agreed a recommendation from Trustees to allow 16 and 17 year-olds to become members providing they were accompanied at all times by a parent and guardian.

All Trustees stood for re-election and were unanimously reappointed. We could though do with a few more please.

Rob Close

News update July 2021

Note from the Chairman

There have been recent meetings over Zoom of both the Trustees and Organising Committee. The key items discussed were:

  • The dig at the Anglo-Saxon cemetery September 13th to 20th.

    Many of us are looking forward to getting back to fieldwork. The September dig will proceed unless there is a deterioration in COVID circumstances. A booking form will be put on the website by end July and will be emailed out too. All attendees must pre-book and pay the attendance fee of £10 for one day or £20 for two or more. We hope to be starting the CLASP Archaeology Passport Scheme and a separate note will be issued explaining this. A small group will meet before the end of August to review what COVID related requirements will need to be in place. All attendees will be expected to adhere to these.

  •  CLASP Field Centre

    The sale of the Farm has fallen through, and the farm is back on the market. This reintroduces uncertainty as to whether we will be allowed to stay longer term. Trustees will continue to develop contingency plans for if we are not. Trustees visited the Northants Archaeology Resource Centre at Chester Farm and were impressed with the facilities there. If necessary, our artefacts could be moved to the Centre.


    Trustees have agreed that the 2021 AGM will, again subject to any COVID circumstances, be held at Harpole at 1900 on Wednesday 20th October. Presentations will include the September dig and the Field Centre.

  • CLASP Website

    There is ongoing work to enhance the Website including the review of links and hopefully putting more information about the Anglo-Saxon cemetery (what we have done and what we hope to achieve) ahead of the dig. All ideas to enhance the Website are welcomed.

Rob Close

Latest 100 Club winners notification

Many congratulations to Norman Garnett, winner for September 2021, Salma Pervez, August’s winner and  John Baxter, winner of the June 2021 100 club draw!

Spring 2021 newsletter released

The CLASP newsletter for Spring 2021 is now available in the usual location.

CLASP memorial lectures 2021

The 2021 CLASP memorial lectures series was a great success, and very well attended. Our thanks to all those who gave their time. If you missed any of the talks and would like to catch up, or would like to view any again, please visit the Vimeo showcase.


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CLASP Conference 2016 online
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Archaeology – Back To Our Roots
This illustrated account of the Whitehall Farm Roman Villa excavation was published in the spring 2018 edition of Gridline, a publication for National Grid’s grantors and landowners.


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