Post Roman and Early Anglo Saxon Cemetery Nether Heyford

CLASP has been involved over several years carrying out field walking and excavations at this site, most recently in 2021.  A review of the excavations, the findings and possible interpretations can be accessed here:  Post Roman and Early Anglo Saxon Cemetery Nether Heyford website v2 [pdf].


Research Strategy & Project Proposal


CLASP welcomes and encourages it’s membership, both society and individual, to identify and undertake appropriate research projects. It is however essential that any projects undertaken are properly managed and overseen by the CLASP Organising Committee. A significant part of this oversight must be to ensure that a project is realistic and properly resourced from the outset. It is also essential that projects are credible and that their outcome is beneficial both for those undertaking the project and for CLASP as a whole.

To achieve these objectives what is described as a Sub-Strategy relating to Research and Project Management has been designed by the the Organising Committee and adopted by the Trustees. The relevant parts of this Sub-Strategy need to be read and the associated proforma completed and submitted to the Secretary of the Organising Committee for progression.

Download the CLASP Research Strategy and Project Proposal document (.pdf)

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(See also Case Studies)

This project was funded by a Local Heritage Initiative grant: it aims to complete a non-invasive survey of archaeological survival in the Upper Nene area to the west of Northampton. The Local People Local Past website introduces the project and presents the survey data from seven sites so far surveyed.

Project assisted by funding from:
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(See also Case Studies)

This independent project was engaged in extensive excavation of a roman villa (now completed) and of features in the surrounding landscape including an Anglo-Saxon cemetery. The South Northants District Council has contributed major funding. The finds-processing and data-analysis for this excavation fall within the Local People-Local Past remit (see the results for Heyford 1).

  • P9166085Harpole Roman Villas

CLASP initiated and facilitated a one week excavation of test pits and trenches at Harpole Roman Villa, and the associated finds-processing and data analysis. This small-scale project was funded by the Harpole Parish Council. A full report will be published on this web site in due course. Work is intermittently ongoing at two villa sites in Harpole Parish and the Parish Council continues to fund CLASP activities.

We are regularly carrying out Geophysical Surveys for our own projects and for clients. If you are a CLASP member and would like to participate in this work, either in the field or in analysing data, please email Fred Kay.

  • MKarchDay12Future projects

CLASP is currently seeking major funding for further Local People-Local Past non-invasive archaeological investigations, initially of Romano-British settlement in the Upper Nene Valley and in the hinterland of Watling Street (the A5 trunk road) between Bannaventa (north of Weedon) and Lactodorum (Towcester). An essential part of this project will be to continue educating and training local volunteers to a level which will enable them to devise and carry out projects of their own, based in their local societies. Another aspect of the project will be to devise diagnostic strategies for settlement identification which can be applied anywhere.

Additional Volunteers

We need to expand our team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles and maintain the charity’s development whether you are able to give a few hours a week or more:
Volunteer help needed for:
  • Field work (field walking, excavation, geophysics etc.
  • Post excavation (processing and recording finds and archiving)
  • Computer and digital work
  • Fund raising
  • Publicity
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