zoom event setup.

  1. Set up a “Personal Room” in the  CLASP Zoom account. A personal meeting room is a virtual room that’s permanently reserved for you. You can start it at any time or schedule it for future use. Setup is needed to create a Personal meeting ID (PMI) which is used to set up the virtual venue in the booking system
    1. click “MY ACCOUNT” from the top right hand corner of the login page.
    2. click “Personal”  -> “Meetings” on the left hand side (LHS) menu in the Zoom account details page
    3. click  “Personal Room” in the horizontal menu to view the details.
    4. Click “Edit” – right hand button bottom row.
      1. Enable “Video for host”
      2. Disable “Video for participants” (optional)
      3. Enable “Waiting room” (optional).
      4. Enable “Mute participants” upon entry. (optional)
      5. Enable “Automatically record meeting” on the local computer. (optional)
      6. Click “save” (NOT optional)
  2. Note the Join URL and passcode on the resulting page. These are needed to create the Virtual venue.
  3. Log in to wordpress and select “Management -> Event Espresso -> Venues” from the LHS menu.
    1. enter a venue name, eg “Zoom virtual venue”
    2. enter a description
    3. enter the Join url from step 2. above in the “Virtual Location: URL” of the event box.
    4. Set capacity as required.
    5. Click Update/Publish when finished.
  4. Create an event using the standard “Create event” option and select the virtual venue above as the location.




Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event

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