South Midlands CBA Spring Conference

Details and application form here:

SMCBA Spring Conference 2019

The Conference is being held in Bugbrooke Community Centre this year.

  • CLASP will be a major player with presentations by Stephen Young and Fred Kay
  • accompanied by other speakers on major Northamptonshire topics.
  • Booking is essential.
  • Offers to help with a CLASP display stand please to:-

Additional Volunteers

We need to expand our team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles and maintain the charity’s development whether you are able to give a few hours a week or more:
Volunteer help needed for:
  • Field work (field walking, excavation, geophysics etc.
  • Post excavation (processing and recording finds and archiving)
  • Computer and digital work
  • Fund raising
  • Publicity
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