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Members are welcome from all over the globe, not just the local area! This is an opportunity to help us understand the archaeology and history of west Northamptonshire which is situated in central Britain. Help us understand how its community evolved and its sense of place and purpose in the wider landscape. Previous archaeological experience not required, we will support and develop you. CLASP is also good at identifying your latent non-archaeological skills which in themselves are vital for our future.

If you’d like to know about membership and its benefits, please email our Membership Secretary, Julia Johns. 

CLASP has two types of members:

  • Individual Members: these are people who have personally joined CLASP.
  • Associate Members: these are people who are members of the organisations which participate in CLASP.  They enjoy the benefits of Individual Membership of CLASP but may not vote at CLASP general meetings. Associate Members may become Individual Members by paying the appropriate subscription.

You can join CLASP as an Individual Member for one year for just £10.

  • You will be given priority access to the various archaeological activities and to opportunities to develop practical skills.
  • You will also receive a newsletter by email, unless you ask for a printed Newsletter sent by post.
  • Individual members over 18 years of age may vote at CLASP General Meetings.
  • You will be given the password (changed annually) for access to the Members’ Area of this website.
  • Membership and donation form

What do CLASP members actually do?

  • fieldwalking: searching systematically for archaeological evidence on top of the soil;
  • small-scale excavation: digging test pits and trenches;
  • finds processing: identifying, cleaning, classifying and conserving finds;
  • drawing detailed plans of test pits and trenches;
  • making photographic records of excavations and finds;
  • data-processing: recording ‘contexts’ and turning surveying and mapping information into charts – this can involve learning to use specialised computer programmes;
  • assisting in publishing and disseminating findings.
  • developing their practical skills.
  • Membership and donation form

    (for CLASP Individual Members only)
  • We have a Yahoo mailing group open to CLASP Individual Members. All Individual Members of CLASP with email addresses have been invited to join the mailing group. If you missed the invitation, you can apply to join by going to:
  • CLASP Yahoo Group

  • You may wish to make a donation to CLASP to help us in our work. CLASP needs funds to purchase the items needed for its rapidly expanding archive – for example, finds bags, archival quality boxes and storage racks, film and film processing. All donations in cash or kind will be gratefully accepted. Some organisations and individuals who have supported CLASP in this way are listed here.
  • To make a donation, please use the Membership and donation form

Additional Volunteers

We need to expand our team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles and maintain the charity’s development whether you are able to give a few hours a week or more:
Volunteer help needed for:
  • Field work (field walking, excavation, geophysics etc.
  • Post excavation (processing and recording finds and archiving)
  • Computer and digital work
  • Fund raising
  • Publicity
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