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CLASP insurance for over-75s

A message from Dave Hayward:

“Personal Injury Insurance

Members, Individual and Associate, aged seventy-five years and older should note that they are not covered by the personal injury clause of the CLASP insurance policy, they are however still covered by the public liability clause. This latter cover would therefore provide protection if a member was injured and liability could be shown against CLASP itself.”

New Case study: double-courtyard villa at Harpole

The archaeological research by CLASP at Harpole has been an important contributor to CLASP’s  Local People Local Past project across west Northamptonshire. The villa excavated at Harpole is the only double-courtyard villa in the area and is relatively rare. The overall complex was huge. Further research work will hopefully be agreed in the future. In the meantime this case study  provides an initial interpretation of this site.

Click here for the pdf. file

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