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Iron Age Hill-forts survey welcomed by Oxford University

From: Gren Hatton

Sent:17 December 2016

Subject: New CLASP case study, Iron Age Hill-forts survey project

Dear Colleagues,

The case study on CLASP’s recent project (providing survey reports to Prof. Gary Lock at Oxford University) is now complete, and has gone through the approval process within CLASP; it is now ready for printing, when appropriate funding is available. The case study (see below) provides a summary of the project, and includes examples of some of the analysis and interpretation that was contained in the full CLASP report on the project; the full analytical report is available as a download from CLASP’s website, along with copies of the individual survey reports on each of the hill-fort sites included in the project. Please feel free to copy the attached case study to anyone who might be interested.

With best wishes, Gren Hatton


From: Gary Lock

Sent: 19th December 2016

Subject: New CLASP case study, Iron Age Hill-forts survey project

Many thanks Gren.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for a tremendous piece of work, the surveys have been invaluable to the Atlas. We are behind schedule but have now finished data collection and are well under way with mapping/analysis. We are hoping to launch the website with database around June time.

Happy Christmas to you all.
Best wishes,


Gary Lock MCiFA,
FSA Emeritus Professor of Archaeology
Emeritus Fellow of Kellogg College
University of Oxford

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