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Participants in the Project during 2003
(subject to additons as the dig progresses)

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Volunteers Students / University Excavation Director
Paul Ashleigh
Lesley Atkinson
John Baxter
Murray Beets
Marten Beets
Darren Botterill
Henry Bracher
Rachael Bracher
Adrian Cashmore
Margaret Challans
Ian Chambers
Esther Chapman
Sue Cherry
Shirley Collins
Mick Collins
Pat Colman
Geraldine Copson
Brian Craven
Marguerita Craven
Sandra Deacon
Heidi Doggett
Chris Dougan
Terry Dougan
Ruth Downie
Andy Downie
Mary Dunkley
Glenn Fleucher
Zoe Flowerday
Jane Fontana
Peter Garner
Stephen Garner
Chris Grossart
Peter Grossart
Tony Harrison
Sally Hayward
William Hutchins
Kay Invernizzi
Geraldine Isom
Julia Johns
Fred Kay
Lucie Kew
Ruth Kingston
Lynda Lewcock
Pip Lowe
Jo Lowes
Christopher Lowes
Peter Lowes
Margaret Macintosh
Jane McCarthy
Denis Morrisey
Martin Nicholls
Ralph Norton
James Pease
Jennifer Perkins
Derrick Phillpot
Gill Priestley
Frances Reader
Stuart Reader
Carol Rhodes
Frank Rhodes
Elain Rogerson
Marianne Samwell
Shirley Samwell
Roy Sharp
Celia Sharp
Jennifer Smith
Brian Smith
Roy Smith
Muriel Smith
Graham Stringer
Colin Travill
Neil Turner
Robin Vowles
Beryl Vowles
Mike Walsh
Paul Wakley
Shirley Waterhouse
Jackie West
Janet West
Valerie Whitaker
Richard Whyte
Ted Wright
Christine Young
Allie Weatherill

Paul Binns
Karen Boyles (St. Mary's Coll. Twickenham)
Nicholas Bramble
Lee Butcher (Lodge Park Tech. Coll.)
Faye Chalmers (Glasgow)
Helena Dyer (Acadia, Nova Scotia)
Andrew Dyne (Leicester)
Alice Forward (Nottingham)
Andrew Graham
Emily Gregory (UCL)
Rebecca Handbury (Cambridge)
Sarah Henderson (Belfast)
Ed Hockley
Ellie Hockley
Colleen Hyde (Limerick)
Pauline Johnson (S.Tyneside Coll.)
Jessica Jones (Hulme G.S.)
Rebecca Krochmal (Nottingham)
Teresita Malloy (Dublin)
Emma Morley (UCL)
Sophie Nicol (Glasgow)
Jill Rushton (California)
Naomi Scott (Kent)
Katie Sludden (Glasgow)
Andrew Speechley
Owen Spencer (Nottingham)
Fiona Taylor (Glasgow)
Bernice Thornton (OU)
Carolyn Troup (Glasgow)
Claire Williamson (Glasgow)
Steve Young


Gillian Biddle
Peter Burt
Malcolm Caine
Jeremy Cooper
Victoria Coultard
Dave Derby
Colin Evans
Barbara Evans Rees
Alice Forward
David Hayward
Alan Priestley
Roger Steels
James Summer
John Ward
Kate Weaver
Martin Weaver

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