Participants in the excavation 2010

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Lesley Allen Heather Anderson Keith Anderson Sarah Atherton John Baxter
Gillian Biddle Malcolm Caine Jo Carey Adrian Cashmore Margaret Challens
Jeremy Cooper Geraldine Copson David Cotttrell Brian Culling Sandra Deacon
Dave Derby Ruth Downie Colin Evans Stan Farrow Peter Garner
Steve Garner Norman Garnett Tony Harrison Dave Hayward Jerry Hefford
Fred Kay Tony Kesten Peter Knight Leisa Langley Pip Lowe
Jo Lowes Pete Lowes Rachel Lowes Ian Luck Margaret MacIntosh
Jane McCarthy Laura O'Toole James Pease Jackie Pyle Celia Sharp
Jennifer Smith Tony Smithurst Sandra Spencer Gerry Swallowe Beryl Vowles
Robin Vowles Shirley Waterhouse Alan Watson Pam Watson Ken Welch
Jan West Jenny Whitby Rick Whyte Chris Wiggins Anne Williams
Neil Williams Ken Wogan Jenny Wren
Ben Billingsley Nick Botschin Sophie Bryan Ben Cockle Laura Cogley
Amber Fletcher Richard Gordon-Colebrooke Anna Hay Victoria Kelly Francesca Lane
Nabeel Saddal Rebecca Shepherd Alessandra Turrini Sophie Twigg

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