Participants in the excavation 2005

Barbecue on last evening: Steve Young and Nick Adams cooking!
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Pat Ainger Pete Garner Ann Paine
Toni Amor-Segan Stephen Garner Steve Parslow
Paul Ashleigh Howard Gibbs James Pease
Sarah Atherton Kelsey Goacher Jennifer Perkins
Paul Baird Mike Goodman Derrick Phillpot
Julie Ball Tasha Grimwood Maureen Powell
John Baxter Chris Grossart Gill Priestley
Nedi Beck Peter Grossart Alan Priestley
Alison Beswick Dewi Halcrow Miles Priestley
Gillian Biddle Tony Harrison Dean Prior
Paul Binns Dave Hayward Sylvia Robertson
Jeff Bowden Maggie Hudson Francis Rodriguez-Veglio
Joe Bradbury Charlie James Judy Sansom
Annie Brady Julia Johns Kath Saunders
Malcolm Caine Dawn Jones Roy Sharp
Jo Carey Katie Jones Celia Sharp
Adrian Cashmore Fred Kay Jennifer Smith
Clara Catt Tony Kesten Andrew Speechley
Rachael Catt Maggie Hudson Alan Standish
Margaret Challans Charlie James Peter Stanton
Esther Chapman Julia Johns Mick Steel
Dianne Cheesewright Dawn Jones Gerry Swallowe
Julie Clewitt Katie Jones Hillary Tibbles
Steve Codd Fred Kay June Tite
Zoe Collins Tony Kesten Colin Travill
Jake Collins Peter Knight Neil Turner
Jeremy Cooper Fred Kay Robin Vowles
Geraldine Copson Tony Kesten Beryl Vowles
Brian Craven Peter Knight Shirley Waterhouse
Marguerita Craven Holly Loader Kate Weaver
Brian Culling Pip Lowe Martin Weaver
Deidre Daish Chris Lowes David Weighill
Sandra Deacon PeterĀ  Lowes Geoff Weighill
Dave Derby Jo Lowes Chris Wiggins
Heidi Doggett Ian Luck Ashley Williams
Ruth Downie Debbie Lynam Valerie Whitaker
Colin Evans Margaret Mac Rick Whyte
Barbara Evans Rees Beth Maitland Andrea Witham
Glenn Fleucher Sue Mayes Stephen Young
Jane Fontana Jane McCarthy
Alice Forward Amy Michel
Jade Frost Alex Neophtiou
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