CLASP brings local archaeology enthusiasts together to investigate their local past.

Professional archaeologists lead the activities and contribute specialist skills when necessary – but the ‘amateurs’ are encouraged and enabled to learn skills for themselves and become self-sufficient in many aspects of archaeological investigation.

CLASP also provides talks and lectures as part of its commitment to encouraging local communities to ‘own’ their archaeological heritage.

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P9196330The Reports & Submissions section of this website includes:

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  • reports on CLASP projects and activities
  • CLASP geophysical survey reports
  • CLASP technical guidance documents
  • CLASP submissions to planning enquiries

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  • Watch the proceedings of the CLASP Conference 2016 online (Vimeo.com): nine talks plus the welcome and panel discussion.
  • Archaeology – Back To Our Roots
    This illustrated account of the Whitehall Farm Roman Villa excavation was published in the spring 2018 edition of Gridline, a publication for National Grid’s grantors and landowners.


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