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CLASP insurance for over-75s

A message from Dave Hayward:

“Personal Injury Insurance

Members, Individual and Associate, aged seventy-five years and older should note that they are not covered by the personal injury clause of the CLASP insurance policy, they are however still covered by the public liability clause. This latter cover would therefore provide protection if a member was injured and liability could be shown against CLASP itself.”

New Case study: double-courtyard villa at Harpole

The archaeological research by CLASP at Harpole has been an important contributor to CLASP’s  Local People Local Past project across west Northamptonshire. The villa excavated at Harpole is the only double-courtyard villa in the area and is relatively rare. The overall complex was huge. Further research work will hopefully be agreed in the future. In the meantime this case study  provides an initial interpretation of this site.

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Historic England: Archaeology of Landscapes

Historic England: Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes A Guide to Good Recording Practice (Second Edition)

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Government’s Heritage Statement 2017

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Organising Committee meeting cancelled

The meeting scheduled for Monday 11th December is cancelled because of the weather. Next meeting January 15th.

A busy Winter for CLASP

CLASP’s Current Activities

Whitehall Villa

The ongoing ‘post-excavation’ work mainly centres on digitising plans, cataloguing photographs and other winter work – all important to keep the preparation of the final report on track.

Geophysical surveys

Fred has been leading the geophysical surveys on the northern annex of Borough Hill, Daventry and at Bannaventa. Both of these projects are coming up with some excellent results. We hope that at Borough Hill we have identified the site of the Romano-British building that Jeremiah Bottfield excavated back in the 19th C; we just need now to conclude what it is. This work is a joint project with MOLA – they are currently surveying the whole of the Hill, and doing the earlier ‘bulk’ of the site, although we are helping with that. Hopefully the outcome of this project, together with the work that CLASP undertook for the Atlas of Hillforts Project, will lead to a greater understanding of what this site was all about.


The work at Bannaventa has revealed the perimeter defences of the earlier defended site, doubling the size of what was previously known from work undertaken by others many years ago. We have also identified a plethora of early routes that require untangling: definition will be important if we are to understand the early development of Watling Street and possibly the road to Duston.

Everdon Stubbs

To support the Woodland Trust we are undertaking an earthwork survey at Everdon Stubbs to de-cypher what appears to be a small quarry at the entrance, to facilitate the extension of the car park.

CLASP Annual Report 2017


Find all of the CLASP Annual Reports on the Governance page.

Video: Nether Heyford early Anglo Saxon Cemetery gives up more of its secrets!

Recent excavations at the Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Whitehall Farm, Nether Heyford have revealed more fifth and sixth century burials. CLASP Archaeological Director, Stephen Young, discusses these finds.

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Welton History Group: The Lost Village of Thrupp, A talk by Jackie Hibbert

Public Meeting (and AGM), Wednesday October 4th